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Be the Secret of Your own Success

Take stock. Get honest. Find a coach.

No whistles, no tempers, no ‘epic’ pep talks (and, you won’t get benched). Executive coaching benefits your everyday life – business, career and personal relationships. With the help of a coach you can ascertain what you (really) want and target where you are headed, so you can adjust your approach and focus your actions to get there.

What is coaching?

Coaching = Clarity + Action. Working with a coach helps get you where you want to go faster than going alone. When you work with a coach you set the agenda, solidify the goals and establish the pace.  Coaches engage on a wide variety of topics:

  • Strengthening your team leadership approach and business outcomes,g. improving your leadership skills to support your team in achieving better results, developing direct communication skills
  • Career development, e.g. planning a career transition for minimal disruption to employment or income, increasing workplace presence for promotional consideration
  • General life goals, e.g. supporting building relationships, increasing an active lifestyle, or creating better work-life balance

Julie Butcher is an International Coaching Federation (ICF) certified coach and a member of Smart Savvy Academy’s coaching roster. She’s also been coaching Smart Savvy team members this past year on an individual basis as well as through work-team group sessions. With a background in human resources with companies including Electronic Arts and Pepsi, Julie has been coaching current and aspiring leaders since 2009.

Julie has a realistic and experienced perspective on the power of coaching. As a coach, she builds a relationship with each client and takes the time to learn about their goals. People can often feel stuck when things aren’t working or they come to a career crossroad, and they need support to do more thinking around their options. Working with a coach removes the weight of a heavy, solo decisions, and effectively helps you get “unstuck” and move forward again.

The coach is on your team

Your coach is not in charge and won’t tell you what to do; they’re not your counsellor and won’t fix your predicament. As a matter of fact, it’s YOU that needs to know exactly what it is that you wish to be coached on, and you who will identify your game plan and do the heavy lifting. Julie identifies what you can expect when you work with a coach:

Coaching is a look forward, not a look back. It’s about discovering what you want to do, where you want to go, and what’s stopping you from getting there.

A coach holds up a mirror for the coachee. You can learn about how you’re impacting others, whether as a leader or a team member (and sometimes, just as a human).

The coach listens on a different level. They challenge your thinking and engage you in a conversational framework that reveals options when you thought there weren’t any – might be the “what,” might be the “how.”


3 steps to get ready to be coached:

1. Take stock.

Increasing your own self-awareness will be helpful throughout the coaching process. Conduct a current inventory on yourself: what are your assets and liabilities when it comes to skill, experience, and attitude? Don’t get bogged down in the reasons for “can or can’t, should or shouldn’t” – doing a simple SWOT* analysis will get the job done. (SWOT – strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats)


2. Get honest.

Do you have capacity to do this work right now? Coaching doesn’t “do” for you – to benefit from the work you do with your coach, you need to be committed to following through on the next steps on which you decide.

3. Find a coach.

Connect with a couple of coaches and ask questions. What’s their process? How would they work through “situation A” or “issue B?” You’ll want to find a mutual connection so that you can be comfortable as your most genuine, authentic self throughout each session. Contacting a coaching collective like Smart Savvy’s program can help narrow down your coach selection process to two or three best potential fits rather than making numerous inquiries.


Be the secret to your own success

A coach is a powerful ally in achieving your professional and personal goals. We can help match you with a great coach and put together a customized package perfectly suited to your needs. Ready to be the secret to your own success? Click below to learn more about our coaching packages today! 

Get a Coach


 Visit the Smart Savvy Academy website to check out our roster of coaches.


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