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Deloitte Survey: What Millennials Want In 2017

Major studies revealing trends in the workplace can help us all be better leaders.

That’s why we get excited when Deloitte releases its annual survey on millennials – the aggregation of nearly 8,000 interviews of millennials employed full-time in 30 countries worldwide.

While most of us lack the resources, time and commitment to gather this kind of info, the results are worth pouring over – especially if retaining and motivating staff is on your radar.

Here are our key learnings on what Millennials want from their workplace and how to keep them engaged and empowered:


Millennials are frightened but not idle.

In 2016, Deloitte reported an alarming “loyalty gap” amongst 18-to-34-year-olds. The 2017 antidote? An increasingly unstable world.

Yes, the current climate of divisive politics and looming threats have found millennials more inclined (by ten whole percentage points) to stay put. They’re shaken, but not ide.

Millennials feel accountable and want to contribute to good causes – and they think their workplaces are a great place to start. When offered the chance to get involved in community groups or non-profits, millennials feel influential and empowered, which in turn translates into loyalty. Without purpose, only one out of five report being satisfied at work.


The more we work together, the happier millennials will be

High personal accountability paired with a “liberal/relaxed” management structure is the preferred environment for 76% of millennials.

When it comes to coaching, they want to hear “plain, straight-talking language.” They welcome passionate opinions but cringe when business leaders take controversial or divisive positions that drive wedges.

“Collaborative,” “consensual,” “inclusive” are the kind of words Millennials want to use when describing your 9 am scrum, all-hands or strategic planning. And they’re even ready and willing to mentor the up-and-coming Gen Y’ers in your ranks.


Millennials still want it all – and maybe they should have it?

Freelance flexibility with full-time stability. Millennials and employers alike are seeing this simple equation add up to some pretty spectacular results: greater productivity, employee engagement and personal well-being.

Initial fears about possible abuse or loss of productivity have largely turned out to be unfounded. Three-quarters (73 percent) of those offered flexible working opportunities say they trust colleagues to respect it.

If you’re not offering flexible start/end times or allowing the occasional work-from-home day, you may want to reconsider.


If you’re interested in the original report you can read or download Deloitte’s Millennial Survey 2017 here.

Marina Guy

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