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Thinking like an entrepreneur: Lori Joyce

Lori Joyce is CEO and Founder of Betterwith Foods, and is currently disrupting the ice cream market with her Betterwith Ice Cream line, made with natural ingredients and traceable dairy. The seasoned entrepreneur has the good fortune of “lessons learned” from her first business venture, Cupcakes, and the business smarts to learn from those lessons.

The Betterwith Foods brand has evolved out of Lori’s desire to turn ideas into something impactful, even inspirational. Reconnecting with her rural upbringing through her children’s visits to their grandparents’ farm awakened her interest in fresh food, family values and focusing on doing what she loves (rather than trying to do it all).

“I’m a marketer – this is my strength, my area of complete confidence,” says Lori. “The Cupcakes experience developed my business and marketing skills, but more importantly, exposed this incredibly strong foundation of knowing exactly who I am and what I can do.”

Learning what she can do – and what she doesn’t like to do – keeps Lori in her happy place, as well as makes her more efficient, and strategic in business development. One of her success strategies is to avoid being reactive: waiting to respond can not only avoid the misgivings of a sharp tongue, but can lead to a strategic response, and result in creation of solid solutions to keep business moving forward.

Being reactive can be purely self-serving, and instigate problems rather than solutions. – Lori Joyce

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Sheryl Gray

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