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Welcoming the New Team Member

You’ve selected the ideal candidate for the new role and they’ve accepted your offer. To reinforce the candidate’s decision to join your team and to make them feel welcome, you’ll need to do some advanced work.

The following checklist provides guidance on what to consider as you welcome your new team member.

  • Confirm things are still on track by calling the candidate a week before they are due to start and express how you are looking forward to them joining.
  • Ensure you confirm that office space is secured for the new employee
  • Order the appropriate passes, passwords, equipment, office supplies etc.
  • Tightly plan the first day with new hire orientation and critical training also ensure your calendar is cleared to settle the new person in.
  • Plan to take the new person out to lunch on day one with you and or other members of the team.
  • Provide guidance on who they should meet with in week one and outlines the documents they should review.
  • Check in with them at the end of week one to ensure they have what they need and all is okay.
  • Book the person’s first review date and stick to it.

© Sheila Carney of Vantage Resourcing. Used with permission.


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