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Disrupt your own thinking at CIMC

Two weeks until the 2018 Canadian Internet Marketing Conference (CIMC) – April 5 and 6 in Squamish – and there are so many reasons to get your ticket today if you’re not already registered. Never mind FOMO, here are four solid reasons to register for CIMC:

  1. Smart, Savvy + Associates will be there. What better than to meet up with old friends while soaking up lots of great new insights? (And if we haven’t already met, we’ll be old friends by the end of the conference!)
  2. Free LinkedIn headshots! Visit us on site, and pro photographer Maria Koehn will be enticing folks to smile pretty for fantastic new profile photos. We’ll look forward to sending out the finished products after the conference (and to seeing your smiling faces on LinkedIn!).
  3. $50 discount IF you use our special registration link (no need for a promo code). But act fast, because the registration price goes up as of April 1, and the event sold out in 2017 and 2016.
  4. The speaker line-up is top-notch. We’re counting the days until we hang on every word (and maybe tweet a couple hundred characters) on marketing leaders from Slack, Shopify, Airbnb, Hootsuite, Microsoft Canada, Twitter, Amazon – 40 speakers in all!

Ready, set, learn!

CIMC is a guaranteed good time, with lots of energetic marketers in the house. But from our experience, the social aspect is like some extra-special sprinkles on an already-delicious cake. The speaker lineup is a recipe for success, representing corporate kingpins, start-up success stories, and marketing innovators. We’ve had the pleasure of learning from a few of the presenters over the last year – these are just a few of the wisdom nuggets we’ve gathered:

Cameron Uganec, VP Marketing & Communications, Bench

Cameron joined a panel discussion in a past Smart Savvy Leader Lounge, “Think Like an Entrepreneur.” He stressed the importance of keeping things moving forward and describes himself as “obsessed with what’s around the next bend.” Cameron flips customer problems around from problematic to opportunity:

“Solving customer problems constantly moves you forward, because there’s always another problem to solve!” – Cameron Unganec

Lori Joyce, CEO & Founder, Betterwith Foods Inc.

Lori sat down with Smart Savvy last summer and shared how her Cupcakes experience shaped a different approach to her new venture, Betterwith Foods. One of her success strategies is to avoid being reactive: waiting to respond can not only avoid the misgivings of a sharp tongue, but can lead to a strategic response, and result in creation of solid solutions to keep business moving forward.

“Being reactive can be purely self-serving and instigate problems rather than solutions.” – Lori Joyce

David Labistour, CEO, MEC

David addressed a packed SKY Hangar Hangout in 2017, and shared thoughts on constant change as a way of doing business. When he took the CEO reins at MEC, he immediately disrupted his team’s viewpoint on change by telling them “we have to assume we won’t be here in 10 years.” He went on to instill change and constant innovation as part of the MEC workplace culture.

“Show up. Make it happen. Carry the fire.” – David Labistour  


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