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Giving Tuesday: More than good intention

The one-two punch of frenzied shopping sprees spurred by Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales is done for another year. Pre-holiday economy boosted (or not), Christmas shopping started, and unnecessary-but-amazing electronics purchase made. Done and done.

Time to switch gears from “getting” to “giving.” Consider Giving Tuesday a kick-start to the month ahead: the “Opening Day of the giving season.” Still the new kid on the team of holiday happenings, Giving Tuesday is a global movement for giving and volunteering – a day for charities, companies and individuals to come together and take those good intentions to the next level.

Gift big – or give small

Small acts of kindness in your neighbourhood through to corporate initiatives aimed at global relief efforts. Big or small, cash or time, giving to others unites us in caring, and in empowering one another. It all counts, and it does matter.

Smart, Savvy + Associates loves Giving Tuesday for the opportunity to share our own corporate giving initiative. We’re of the mindset that one day just isn’t enough to give or to receive. We’re now giving year-round, and we’ve selected a charity whose work isn’t about one-time gifts, but supports futures of individuals and communities.

We give to Hope International Development Agency, who share our beliefs in the value of not just helping others, but truly making change. The organization focuses on the world’s poorest and most neglected communities, and strives to support them to become self-reliant and future-focused. Clean water is the key to health, and as we’ve heard before, something we take for granted in North America. Clean water keeps people alive, creates agricultural possibilities, and develops business and income opportunities.

Water – the gift of life

The Smart, Savvy + Associates team has set up a monthly giving plan which is based on income dollars. Our first giving goal is to build wells in the community of Kallo Gagula, a remote village in Ethiopia. The settlement of 3,200 people is a small percentage of the 61 million Ethiopians who are without clean water (over 40% of the entire population). Wells are built at a cost of $24,000 each, and use a gravity-fed water system to serve more people. Once the water sources are built, the focus of the on-site team will be on economic development.

Why do we give to Hope International?

Hope International is locally based in New Westminster, BC. The Smart, Savvy + Associates team has opportunities to interact with the organization, from making a quick phone call to ask about programs, to attending fundraising events right here in the city. We love the work they’re doing, and we can literally see the community transformation through reports by the team in Kallo Gagula:

Wosen, Project Manager – makes sure everything gets built and done!

Lydia, Community Mobilizer – leads hygiene education, and works with women to set up self-help groups.  

Fetina, Hydrologist – does mapping of projects, water testing, evaluating strength of springs, (how much water they produce) and plans the water points.

Hope International is allowing us to have hope, and to give it: our goal is to change the lives of 25 people each and every month of 2018. Over the long term, we hope our simple – yet life changing – gift of clean water will ultimately support 60 Kallo Gagula women to start small businesses.


Want to get involved? Click here to learn how you can help the village of Kallo Gagula get clean water.


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