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How Will You Build The Way Forward?

Last week the Smart Savvy team had the privilege of participating in a remote workshop hosted by Domain7If you’re new to the name, Domain7 is successful Vancouver based digital transformation agency that has partnered with world-class organizations including universities, local governments, and leading businesses 

On Monday, they led us through their new workshopThe Way Forward. In the context of so much global change, it was the perfect opportunity for our team to dig deep and begin to answer: What now? What next? 

Using a design-based and future-thinking approach, our team broke off into small groups to assess the challenges facing our clients and our organization and to brainstorm solutions. Sound like a lot to bite off in a 3-hour workshop? It certainly could have been, but Kevan Gilbert facilitated organic conversations that made the process feel easy and purposeful.  

The discussion centered around three key phases of shared experience during a crisis.  

1. The Shifting:  
The phase where we each react to and grapple with unexpected changes to our reality.  

3. The Sheltering:  
The phase where we experience a sense of familiarity with the changes that have occurred. In this space, we can catch our breath and reflect on what just happened, and maybe even plan for the future 

3. The Emergence:  
The phase where we sense another shift on the horizon. We may find ourselves feeling reactive, but if we prioritize future planning during the sheltering, we are empowered to emerge with clarity and purpose. 


Our Experience 

During the workshop, our breakout teams discussed each phase. Guided by clear conversation prompts, we began exploring how to build our way forward. Here are a few insights and highlights from our team:

"It was helpful to use shared language to discuss the phases and to process different experiences and feelings from our group. Identifying the phase our team is in, and the phases of our clients and community is a practical way for us to begin building our way forward."
Recruitment Consultant, James Bustard  


"Despite the phase that we were working through, whether it was Shifting, Sheltering, or Emergence, the discussion format made our conversations flow organically."  
Recruitment Consultant, Carlyn Rumohr 


"I think knowing where we stand in the process gives us the confidence to move forward with a level of clarity that we perhaps didn’t have before this workshop. It also equips us to deliver some tangible value-adds that can help our clients and candidates move through the seasons of the COVID19 crisis." 
Director of Client Services, Catherine Ducharme 


"This workshop provided our team with space to discuss the shifting landscape, and consider the needs of our people, customers, and organization as we emerge."  
Recruitment Consultant, Steph Keis  


"This is a powerful workshop if you are ready to break assumptions that may be holding you back, to stretch yourself, and be invited through new doors."  
Program Administrator, Angela Hama  


"I recommend this workshop to organizations and leaders who feel lost or who don’t have a clear direction on where they're headed next." 
Talent Researcher, Yvonne Ehrenholz 


"Domain7 are true leaders in this space and they've helped our team navigate something no one else has -- this pandemic and the series of phases we’re all working through."  
Recruitment Consultant, Sarah Farrell 

The Outcomes 

One of the best outcomes of this program is the number of resources we walked away with as an organizationDuring the workshop, each breakout team was given a beautiful slide deck to capture their thoughts. We’re now equipped with multiple decks that contain a broad spectrum of self-generated insights unique to our team, our clients, and our company.  

Since the workshop, we’ve started refining these concepts and identifying key projects we want to move forward on. In the midst of operating in uncertain times, we now have shared language and tools to build clear roadmap for our future. 


Closing Thoughts 

As you move towards the future, how will you begin to build the way forwardIf you're ready to invest in yourself, your company, and your team, check out Domain7's The Way Forward Workshop.  

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Jody KingJody King  
Brand + Communications Manager

A gifted communicator and connector, Jody King can be found supporting Smart Savvy’s digital and in-person communities and producing captivating webinars and live events.

A big believer that People Are The Plan™, she’s also actively pursuing her Associate Certified Coach accreditation so that she can continue to help teams and individuals grow, develop, and thrive.

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Jody King

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