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Opportunity in Crisis

Savvy entrepreneurs create a local solution to customer service.   

At Smart Savvy, we love entrepreneurs. People who create something from nothing will always have a special seat at our table. We recently became uber-intrigued by a new business being launched by Salim Kassam and Lindsey Turner, both long-time friends of the firm. Their new business Lowkl Customer Care has emerged from the intersection of challenge and opportunity during the COVID pandemic.

Salim The Coronavirus pandemic has been grim for most businesses. Widespread layoffs and furloughs have prompted the loss of nearly two million Canadian jobs in April-- that’s in addition to the one million jobs lost in March. Canada’s unemployment rate has soared to 13 percent. Even as businesses begin to reopen, many of the jobs that have been lost may never come back.  

During this upheaval, however, some new norms have emerged – including people becoming more accustomed to working at home. People who had never worked at home before began to do so, and many liked it. We are now seeing companies like Twitter, Square, and Airbnb launch permanent work from home policies. And commercial realtors and landlords are trembling in their boots as companies everywhere think about shrinking their square footage.  

Also top of mind is how we get our local economy going again. There’s now an emphasis on supporting local businesses and generating jobs for people in the communities in which we work and live. The belief is to make ourselves stronger first, which sets a foundation for expansion down the road.  

That’s where Lindsey and Salim’s business, Lowkl, sees the opportunity for local customer service. The premise is to provide a local customer service workforce of people who know the local context, like working from home, and are invested in seeing their community’s economy strengthened. From inbound customer contact (phone, email, or social) to onsite team customer service training, Lowkl is a one-stop-shop for taking care of customers. 


Both Lindsey and Salim have deep roots in the hospitality and tourism industries -- they’ve also managed large-scale marketing teams and call centres. They know the importance of providing amazing customer experiences and thoughtful customer care. They also know that no matter how digital-centric a business becomes, every company needs to provide access to well-trained, emotionally-savvy, customer-focused service representatives. Lowkl does just that - it provides access to kind, knowledgeable, and local home-based customer service pros making it easy to connect with customers, solve problems, and deliver stand-apart experiences. Agents can sign on for 4-5 hours a day from the comfort of their home which keeps them fresh and ready to help.  

“We believe that customer service is best done by a knowledgeable, friendly local who can relate and provide context to the caller. We’ve decided to turn call centres and the customer service experience upside down and offer customers a flexible environment with a scalable workforce and work from home capacity. This ensures business continuity no matter what the world throws at you,” says Turner.  

They’re gearing up to serve many industries and have already had some traction in healthcare, hospitality, government, tech, retail, and professional services.  

According to Kassam, “This approach makes sense for businesses, leaders can redeploy capital and ignite a cost-effective, flexible, scalable and local workforce with home-based agents who can connect and relate with their callers, and they contribute to the local economy. We want to provide a viable alternative to the customer service experience that for many companies underwhelms and underdelivers for its existing customer base.” 

It’s also a win for Agents who now have a flexible yet stable work arrangement and can take comfort in knowing they are contributing to our economic recovery.  

If you’d like more information about Lowkl please visit www.lowkl.ca or reach out to Salim or Lindsey directly. 

Learn More: Lowkl Customer Care


Peter Reek | Founder and CEO

Peter Reek

CEO + Founder

Peter founded Smart Savvy as a response to a gap in the recruitment industry. As a leader, entrepreneur, and specialist in group moderation and facilitation, Peter brings an experienced, people-first perspective. He passionately believes that in work and life, People are the Plan™.


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Peter Reek

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