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Top 10 Unique Linkedin Job Titles of 2017

As a recruitment firm, the Smart, Savvy + Associates team spends countless hours researching and keeping an eye out for #standapart candidates. In our work, we sometimes discover individuals who stand out from the crowd due to their very interesting job titles. This year, we created a list to celebrate them: the unsung Headline Heroes of LinkedIn.

We introduce you to the Top 10 Unique Linkedin Job Titles of 2017 for your reading pleasure, so enjoy!


#10 Director of Technical Awesomeness

One of the most impressive-sounding titles on our list is the Director of Technical Awesomeness. What does this illustrious-sounding individual do? They said it best…“We’re building some cool stuff.”


#9 Boss Guy

Watch out CEOs everywhere, there is a new kingpin of the corporate world.


#8 Professional Magician

It is hard to stand out on Linkedin, but this person worked some magic. TA-DAH! With this job title, they appeared out of nowhere.


#7 Evil Marketing Genius

We have seen an evolution of job titles over the years. VP of Marketing, Senior VP of Marketing, Marketing Director, Chief Marketing Officer, to name a few. We may have just stumbled upon the next generation of marketing gurus. We just hope the only thing evil about this individual is their wickedly awesome conversion rates!


#6 Mario Mascot

The only job where beating the boss is a positive thing! Mariooooo can be seen introducing new Nintendo products and at your local comic con meet-up. Slipping up at the job could cause WCB to shell out some coins!


#5 Professional Princess

This particular royal means business as she graces birthday parties. We applaud the joy she brings excited and sugared-up kids, as that would be one tough gig!


#4 Official Anthem Singer

One has to wonder the career progression to reach this status; however, this person has made it to the top with such hits as the Canadian National Anthem and the American National Anthem.


#3 Actor, Sword Fighter

Is it just us, or are there a lot of great movies being filmed in Vancouver? With so many great (and locally filmed) shows such as Riverdale, also comes the appearance of some interesting casting opportunities.


#2 Killer Whale Adoption Program Coordinator

Have you ever thought to yourself, I want to pet a Killer Whale? Look no further than your local Killer Whale Adoption Program Coordinator! Not only does this job stand out on a resume but they are also local Pacific Northwest heroes saving one of our most blubbersome wildlife friends. #freethewilly


#1 Wholesale Dark Fiber Agent

The Wholesale Dark Fiber Agent takes top honour for this year's unique role. We don’t exactly know who they are or what they do, but we sure hope that they are using their skills and abilities to combat the dark forces of resale pricing!


Looking for a new job title for yourself this year? Check out our Job Board for current marketing, communications and sales roles. Or, have a great gig but want to get more creative with your own LinkedIn headline? Consider a LinkedIn profile optimization package to start your year with some fresh impact!

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Josh Williams

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