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Write Better Content (That Converts)

Content that Sells

If your content aims to entertain, to explain, and to entice, and your goal is to sell products or services—you’re doing it wrong.

Amanda Lee Smith’s job to find and tell compelling stories. Caveat: product pages aren't the place for storytelling. This is the place to above all, think like a customer.

Amanda is co-founder and head of engagement at Monday Creative Inc.—a branding and content marketing agency that helps businesses build their brand, their voice, and ultimately, their sales funnel. And now, she's a faculty member with Smart Savvy Academy, facilitating our Content that Converts workshops. We recently chatted with Amanda to gain some insights about creating captivating content that translates into a win for your bottom line.

3 ways to write better content (that converts)

  1. Be Bold. Tell people what to do.

The customer has landed on your site – you don’t need to provide lengthy content and then “surprise them” with the option to buy. Get to the point and give your customers what they want. Like a media release, the inverted pyramid structure works to give the essential details up front: the product, the price, how to buy, etc. Save the testimonials and tips for product use for the tip of the triangle.

  1. Be Literal. Cute and clever isn’t clear.

Calls to Action should be exact: Buy Now, Book a Demo, Email Us. Using precise language will assist customers to stay on your site and to follow through on their reason for visiting. Likewise, product descriptions must be clear to help customers understand exactly what they’re buying, what the process is, etc. Save the pithy commentary for your social copy to grab that second look and earn the tap or swipe.

  1. Be Helpful. Give the people what they want.

Thinking like a customer is essential if you want to help your customers. Customers who are ready to buy are looking for the “Buy Now” button – don’t play hide and seek with it. Put it at the top, at the mid-point, and at the end of your content. Think like someone who’s on Google – they’re searching for the right key words, checking links, and then they’re on your page. Be explicit about the content: an apple orchard might write “apples best for baking” rather than “learn more about apples.”

Check (out)!

Being concise and literal might feel like a marketing fail to a team of creative pundits and strategic marketers who are accustomed to pumping out catchy taglines and eye-catching content. The trick is to know what stage of the sales process you’re in, with each piece of collateral and content. Brand awareness and customer engagement need a voice – getting to the checkout needs clear direction.


 If these three tips have piqued your interest in better content writing, check out Amanda's full-day workshop offered through Smart Savvy Academy, next scheduled for May 15th, 2018 in Vancouver. Get all the details here.

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